I don’t make resolutions…it’s a set up for failure. Someone very dear to me suggested choosing a word or mantra, if you will, as a goal. This year it is:FEARLESS. While I am mired in fearful situations, my greatest personal fear is the exposing of my writing to people. I am told I have talent & that I should work with it, share it, hone it. Trouble is that even when I know I’ve done something good, it magically changes to drivel the moment it leaves my hands and is shared with others. It is in keeping with fearlessness that I begin this blog.


3 thoughts on “ON BEING FEARLESS

  1. Wow! What a surprise & what a great start. The first thing that impressed me – your title.It hooked me by its cerebral tone & ( I sure hope comparisons are okay), reminded me of Annie Dillard. I also like the seamless flow of this 1st installment, the way your work deftly shifted between at least 3 vignettes – held my attention the way, in my opinion, a good read does. Thank you for letting me read your work – I’m looking forward to more. May you find all the right words.

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