The Perspective of the Sea

Rainer Maria Rilke
Rainer Maria Rilke (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When anxious, uneasy and bad thoughts come, I go to the sea and the sea drowns them out with its’ great wide sands, cleanses me with its’ noise and imposes a rhythm in me upon everything that is bewildered and confused.

                                                                        Rainer Maria Rilke

As time passes and life’ events ebb and  flow, I think more of what is important to me: peace, serenity, compassion for others as well as myself. To live where I feel truly most alive, where I can walk with the sand of the Earth between my toes, present and feeling my weight pushing against it. To be in time with the ebb and flow, conscious of the gifts that are most treasured: Earth Elephantsimplicity and wonder.

I want to awaken each morning and be lulled to sleep each night by the Creator‘s own remedy, the sound of the waves, rocking me gently. I appreciate the grey and foggy hours as much as I appreciate the warmth of the sun and the blue of the sky, for all are necessary to harmony. I find joy in an evening fire outdoors, warming me against the chill even as it provides the gift that affords me the evening, roasting giant marshmallows with childlike glee and sipping beverages tha warm the insides. Telling stories,sharing memories and making new ones.

My needs there are simple: a small seaside cottage for me, my love and my four-legged children. Maybe a fireplace for the nights or a porch for morning coffee and the meditation that seems to come effortlessly when gazing upon the magnificence of the white-capped waves rolling in. To know my place in a community where I can be of service and not be the anonymous face I have spent a lifetime being in the city where I grew up, the roads that I travelled across this and other lands, the farm I lived on in Canada, so isolated.Canada.

It is at the sea, the wide beaches and seagrass dunes where I find perspective,my place in the Universe. It is there in which I see the truth in the best possible way and can treasure it: that our journey here is brief and valuable; that our presence is as small as the infinitesimal grains of sand beneath our feet and that our footprint  be almost untraceable except for the impact we have upon those whom we touch now and who will feel our touch long after we’ve passed.When my time is done, I hope I will pass gently into the next See Clan MacLachan or Clan Lachlan iste for history, new castle & Clan Chiefrealm. My ashes shall be strewn , in part, on eastern shores, where they shall flow to the waiting shores of my ancestral lands and the remains in my beloved west, where they shall be one with tides of  my adopted home. My spirit….yes, my spirit…will fly free unto the next realm in the journey .
Trinity (Trimuthri)


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