Want to succeed with your writing? Invest in it.

Live to Write - Write to Live

There comes a time in every aspiring writer’s life when you have to stop playing at being a writer and actually become one. The day will dawn when you have plum run out of excuses, and then you will have to make a choice. Either you are a writer, or you are not a writer. What’s it going to be?

For many people a writer is simply someone who writes. Though your words may never be read by a stranger’s eyes, the simple act of putting pen to paper or fingers to keys is enough. And that’s fine. But for others the dream is to write professionally – to make a living at this wordsmithing, storytelling craft. I fall into the second category.

By many standards, I have already achieved this dream. I do, after all, make a living with my words. But, each time I answer the dreaded so-what-do-you-do…

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2 thoughts on “Want to succeed with your writing? Invest in it.

  1. Thank you but it was reblogged from the wonderful Suddenly Jamie & is a great reminder of the importance of following the true nature of our craft. She followed up by generously sharing further insight & encouragment, which can be seen in the comment section. I am a stage-frightened newbie and deeply appreciate the support.

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