Writing as a form of therapy

Live to Write - Write to Live

Sometimes it stinks being a writer. You can’t take a day off (well, of course, in reality you can, but you won’t get paid) and you have to write your articles even if you don’t feel like writing.

I recently felt that way. I didn’t feel like writing – so I relied on my favorite form of personal therapy when things are not going the way I had hoped.

I wrote. But I wrote the stuff I wanted to write.

It sounds odd but writing to me is like a form of therapy to another. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t “see” things. When a friend of mine feels down and goes to a fabric store, she talks about how a bolt of fabric would look great as a vintage A-line dress, I just don’t see it.

What I see is a bolt of cloth.

When another…

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One thought on “Writing as a form of therapy

  1. I wanted to reblog this as a reminder to myself & to share the wisdom with others who may be silently and secretly writing in their journals. They are not just memories that we will reflect back on fondly sometime in the future. Journal entries become valuable tools to be used in our present and future.
    If we’re lucky, there are people who will remind us that we are also sowing the seeds of a passion that we currently believe is a lofty place to which we cannot aspire. I never thought I would expose myself in any public forum, much less seek the wisdom & critique of those who have been braver souls. It is a desire I’ve held & never believed I would fulfill. Not believing in regrets, I’m thrilled that there are people in my life who convinced me to do this now & not have it be one of the few things I “should have” done. If this is as far as I go, I’ve at least written something & exposed it to the world beyond the pretty, leather-bound volumes tucked discreetly in my book cases.

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