I LIVE this woman…she elicits my out loud, insane laughter! I can relate to her recountings from the girl who ruined her childhood to this story…I’ve been there myself & I’m happy that someone else can find humor in their own moments of buffonery. Thanks!

Funnier In Writing

I’ve been known to frequently occasionally put my foot in my mouth. Which is why I wear Converse a lot. Their soles have a pleasant, somewhat vanilla flavor to them and just the faintest pecan aftertaste.

I’m most prone to humiliating myself and others when meeting celebrities. Unfortunately, I’ve met a lot of them. As a former journalist, screenwriter and music enthusiast, I’ve ended up hanging out with actors and musicians that some people would kill their mothers for the chance to meet. Of course, anyone who would off their mom to meet a mere mortal was probably thinking about the offing part long before the opportunity to meet Celebrity X arose, so keep that in mind.

A little over a decade ago, I was covering a film festival for a Florida magazine, interviewing actors, various industry big shots and writing about the festival’s community outreach program. My VIP Pass…

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  1. This post was reblogged from The Paltry Meanderings of a Too Tall Woman, of whom I am a great fan! I am not the author but share it as it is a blog that assures a laugh, a moment with which to identify & the pleasure of a good writer.

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