The Cleansing Storm of the Raging Spirit

 The sea is where I find serenity, realize that I, in retrospect, occupy just the most insignificant portion of space and time in an infinitely large and ancient universe. This perspective brings peace to my mind & soul; the vast beauty of living where the mountains and forests meet the sea, each day brings perfect sun &sky or fantastic storms..all are fine to me. For just the time I have, it quiets the cacophony of PTSD or miraculously mutes my Agoraphobic tendencies and, in those moments, I know a quiet that exist nowhere else for me. I truly do feel emotionally & spiritually refreshed…a rare gift in these difficult years.
The Cleansing Storm of the Raging Spirit

I see myself in the tossing hair, scarlet dress rebelling against the blue-grey storm clouds reflected back by the sea. Wrapped in the winds and awash in waves,I stand strong,
Serene in the beauty with a soul’s rage receding on the tide, I breathe peace.


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